A very warm welcome to The Pagan Way

My name is Emma and I run The Pagan Way which is a small friendly Pagan Business based in England. You can read more about me here 

I use traditional English magick incorporating gifts from nature ~ Essential oils, Hydrosols, Herbs, Spices, Berries, Barks, Roots & Crystals along with my own knowledge & experience to help everyday people deal with everyday life.

We have helped hundreds of people over the years, the most common things we are asked to help with are:

*Promoting Family Harmony*

*Overcoming Depression & Anxiety*

*Easing Stress & Tension*

*Helping with Headaches*

*Calming PMT*

*Reducing Insomnia*

*Promoting Fertility*

...and so much more

marriage survival kit

I supply Hand Crafted Gemstone Jewellery, Charms (spell bags), Witches Jars, Candles, Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy items

All remedies are natural & are tailored to individual needs

Everything I do is crafted with 100% positive energy at my work altar, with my incense burning & Reiki River playing in the background ~ everything is charged with intent & Reiki Charged (if needed)

All of my recipes & spells are my own, not copied from books or the internet.

Gemchips, Crystals, Herbs & Oils are personally selected by myself to ensure only those with the strongest vibrational energies are used


For your information and peace of mind I am a fully qualified Crystal Therapist, Aromatherapist & Reiki practitioner with over 20 years experience behind me :-)

You can message me at any time via our Facebook page or email to discuss your needs. Sometimes just having someone to listen for a while can help…I’m here for that too. Everything stays 100% confidential

The bottom of the page shows my contact details and myFacebook link is also at the top of the page :-)

So now you know what I do, grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and have a browse through my witchy pages


Just a quick note on ordering from outside of the UK:

Please check which items are permitted into your own country before ordering...For example, please do not order Charms or Witches Jars if you live in Australia as they contain dried herbs and barks etc.