A very warm welcome to The Pagan Way, the home of beautifully handmade bespoke Gemstone Jewellery, Hand Poured Spell Candles, Goddess Ritual items, Witches Spell Jars and Herbal Charms.

My name is Emma and I am a lightworker and practising white witch based in England. I have been on the pagan path for as long as I can remember. I have always had a love for mother nature and all the wonders she has to offer. My greatest passion in life is to help people.

Over the years I have trained in many holistic areas including Crystal Healing (but I prefer the term Gemstone Therapy) Aromatherapy and Reiki. My studies never stop, I am constantly adding other therapies to my list in order to offer the best possible help to those who need it.

I have a long history with herbs, essential oils, crystals and a little witchery that have been beneficial to my friends, family, children, customers and of course, myself. Mother nature really does provide us with some pretty powerful wonders that can help to bring about healing and to encourage a change of circumstances.

If you are looking for a genuine holistic approach to healing from someone who really cares, then you are in the right place. I work very closely with clients who ask for help on a one-to-one basis to help them with whatever problems they are having.

Common things I am asked to help with:

Depression & Anxiety, Reducing Stress, Calming Headaches (tension headaches in particular), Balancing Hormones, Regulating Sleep Patterns, Protection, Improving Health, Attracting Love and Strengthening Friendships, Weight Support and so much more.

I also regularly make bracelets and herbal charms for children to help them cope with anxiety, bullying, nightmares etc. 

I specialise in Fertility issues, both male and female. My Brighid Fertility Bracelet is used alongside IVF treatments by a lot of couples. I also have a holistic reproductive therapist that gives the Brighid Bracelet to her clients to complement their treatment. Brighid has gained some amazing feedback over the years.

No matter what your concerns whether they be physical, emotional or even spiritual I am here to help. 

Making Bracelets. Making bracelets for my clients is not mindlessly stringing something together that looks pretty. It is a form of energy work and the beginning of the healing process for whatever each bracelet is intended for. I put a lot of healing energy into what I create. All items are infused with Reiki before being beautifully packaged and sent on their way.

Crafting Witches Jars, Herbal Charms, Goddess Ritual items. All these items are made using traditional methods and to my own recipes (they are most certainly not copied off the internet, but tried and tested recipes). I use a pestle and mortar when working with herbs and the majority of the herbs I use are home grown.

When crafting I am always within a sacred space with incense and candles burning. This helps to keep my intentions focused and adds an extra layer of magic.

I only use 100% pure Essential Oils from a select few trusted suppliers.

Crafting Candles. All my candles are hand poured soy (or other natural products) with pure cotton wicks. From time to time I also make beeswax candles. These are made using coloured beeswax sheets and cotton wicks. When crafting soy candles, these are again made using my own traditional recipes with high quality Essential Oils. The scent is faint, but the energy vibrations are extremely high.

You can message me at any time via our Facebook page or email to discuss your needs. Sometimes just having someone to listen for a while can help. I’m here for that too. I have very strong confidentiality ethics; everything stays 100% between my clients and myself.

If you would like to read my recent feedback, click the 'Etsy Shop' link at the top of the page to view my reviews.

Please note: All photographs are taken in natural daylight on my smartphone and without the use of filters. Please be aware that colour variations will depend on the type of screen you are viewing my items on. 

All Gemstones are unique, and colours will vary from one batch to another. All our Gemstones are genuine, we only use trusted suppliers and we use various methods of testing each strand

Shipping announcement

There are still huge delays within the postal systems, both in the UK and overseas. This is causing many items to take much long than normal to be delivered and is causing much distress to both customers and myself. Once orders have left my hands I am not responsible for how long it takes for them to arrive. Various tracking options are available to you at the checkout and I would urge you to consider using them. Any overpayment on tracked post will be refunded back to you once your order has been posted. If you need your order fairly quickly, please make use of the tracking services provided. If you have questions please pop me a message. Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for your understanding 💜