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meet emma ~ The witchy woman

My name is Emma. I am a lightworker & a practising white witch. I am a certified Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy & Reiki practitioner. I live with my children & our rescue labrador in England. I am affectionately nicknamed Witchy Woman & I have been on the pagan path for as long as I can remember. 

I have many years experience with herbs, essential oils, crystals & a lot of witchery that have all been beneficial to those most in need.

I help people with issues such as fertility, depression & anxiety, reducing stress, soothing headaches, balancing hormones, sleep problems, protection, improving health, attracting love & strengthening friendships, weight support & so much more.

I also regularly make bracelets & herbal charms for children to help them cope with stress & anxiety, self-confidence, bullying & nightmares.

I have always had a love for mother nature and all the wonders she has to offer. My greatest passion and life's work is to help people.

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customer reviews

Emma, thank you! So much! Your bracelets have been such an essential part of my healing old wounds, the previous bracelet was also beautiful, professionally crafted and handled with care. Thank you so much again for the work you do:)

Jasmine ~ England


This has been a first class experience. The customer service is faultless. Very friendly and warmly familiar. The bracelet I have ordered arrived within days. It is very beautiful, much more than I expected, in a beautiful bag, with information on what I bought, how to cleanse it, and its properties. I will be buying again. Blessings xxx

Olivia ~ England


Quality products with clear easy guidance on how to use. A bespoke service tailored to your needs I’ve been genuinely impressed with this company and am very much a returning customer!

Lewis ~ England

I recently ordered a moonstone and sunstone bracelet from this company for my mom for her birthday and found the description on all the items very helpful! My mom loves her bracelet and is now following this company herself too. Our gift came with a free wax melt which we have even bought a wax melt burner for and will definitely buying from this business again. Great delivery time and it is obvious that a lot of thought and time was put into packaging up the items and making them. Thank you so much for your amazing service. I would defiantly recommend this company to anyone looking for legit items and guidance.

Jodie ~ England


Words cannot begin to explain my experience with this seller, I would purchase from her again! <3
The bracelet is amazing and gorgeous, the seller is so calm and friendly, and fast delivery! I did change the order for wanting a slightly bigger bracelet size and change the charm and did so perfectly without any hassle. :)

Suki ~ England

Fantastic in every way! Beautiful items, and exactly what I needed!Fast shipping and delivery, thoughtful packaging and information included about the bracelets (how to cleanse, charge and maintain them). Also very, very accommodating! I needed a slight size change for my bracelet and my request was met with grace and understanding, and it was no trouble at all. I'll happily be a repeat customer here!

Carrie ~ Canada


This, I love and glad that there was no problems with customs when it arrived in Australia. I need positive vibes in my home. Love love this store. Definitely recommend this store is anyone when the owner goes above and beyond with her personal touch with love:)

Silvana ~ Australia


Amazing Bracelet! Felt calm as soon as I put it on. I would never buy a bracelet from anywhere else. Emma is amazing and sweet and she always answers all of my questions.

April ~ USA

Just want to give some feedback - Emma made me a charm quite a few weeks back - I had it on me all the time and started to feel soooo much better - As we all do i got complacent with carrying as i felt so good - thought nah i dont need this - day after day passed n slowly i got worse again ..... i dug my charm back out and started carrying it again this week and i cant believe the change in me n neither can my friends and family - And im due on this week im normally awful to be around - my best mate said to me yesterday - Blimy whats up with you rach - your actually chirpy and being nice n your due on haha I cant thank Emma enough for doing my personalised charm - i had her do me 4 as im a clutz and keep putting them down - i now have one under my pillow for night time - one in my handbag - one in my coat and one i have on me at all times - but always know were to find one now if i dont pick my main one up thank you hunni xxx

Rachel ~ England

EU Shipping

Regrettably I am no longer able to ship to the EU via my website. If you are in the eu and wish to purchase my items, please visit my etsy shop.