welcome to my journey

I often get asked how The Pagan Way came about, so I wanted to use this space to tell you my journey. 

 So, my name is Emma Louise, I'm a regular mum of 3 with a handful of stepchildren and grandchildren too. 

 I was always the weird one at school, you know the ones right... a little bit different, slightly odd you might say. I didn’t care what boys were popular, what was the latest fashion or what crazy big ass hairsprayed, blowdried fringe was the ‘in thing’…yawn…boring. I instead found an interest in reading and absorbing information from those closest to me. 

My Nanna and Grandad had some strange books, really old, dusty, fusty smelling books that look like they might crumble into dust if you touched them. I can only remember bits and bobs about what I read in those books, but they weren’t the sort of books you would find on a shelf in your standard bookshop, not back then anyway. 

 I remember telling my Nanna when I was around 9 years old that I had (what she simply called) a ‘vision’. She said it so, just…so matter of fact. It scared the living daylights out of me at the time. So, I had just finished a bowl of ice-cream and as I lifted the bowl to my mouth, there was a flash of an image. Playing in the background was Phil Collins, groovy kind of love. My Nannas response to this information (that quite frankly scared the pants off me that day) was where the first seed of interest was planted. I began to study her, quiz her…a lot. I knew there was more to her than she was telling me, and I knew that I was very much like her. Sadly my Nanna passed away before I was able to find out, who she really was. 

 Before I go any further, with regards to that ‘vision’ that I had, I saw that same image again a good few years later. You know back in the good old days when you actually had to get photographs printed…well, I was thumbing through a pack I had just picked up and there looking straight at me, was that very same image. It was my daughter as a baby, in a fireman’s lift position on her dad’s shoulders. I hadn’t noticed it when I took the photo but sure enough, it was now looking straight at me. I’m not sure if it is any relevance, but the song that was playing in the background, Phil Collins, groovy kind of love…this was the first dance song, when I married my daughter’s dad. To this day I have no idea why I picked that song, it wasn’t even ‘our song’…

 See, told ya I was weird! 

 So anyways, growing up I'd always had a Rose Quartz tumblestone and an Amethyst cluster, I don't know if maybe I was attracted to the colours or subconsciously to their energies. My mum always had crystals laying around and to me they were so fascinating. 

When I was teen I remember my mum going to a crystal healer for a treatment, she said he placed several crystals in various places on her body and then put his hands over each crystal in turn. She said the warmth coming from his hands was incredible and he wasn’t even touching her skin...so the seed was planted. I wanted to know more. I started collecting crystals, I wasn’t fully aware of how to tap into their energies but sitting quietly and holding them seemed to work for me. I knew which ones made me feel calm, gave me more energy, helped with headaches etc. 

Back in the 90's when my daughter was a baby, I was hooked on the TV series Charmed and I was so fascinated by their Book Of Shadows that it all got me thinking.....I knew nothing of witchcraft except what I had watched on the TV and read in my Nanna’s books, so I started looking things up on the internet. The information was limited and there was nothing like there is today on the subject, but I kept on searching and finding out what I could, I read all about Salam and the witch trials etc. 

The first book I bought was The Candle Magick Workbook by Kala & Ketz Pajeon ~ a brilliant book which still has my notes in from back then, it sits proudly on my book case as a reminder of how far I have come. A very good friend of mine bought me The Good Spell Book by Gillian Kemp, when she gave it to me she said “you have something inside you that can help people, you are a true witch”....if you ever read this page Roz, its all thanks to you. As my thirst for more information got the better of me, I signed up to a Wicca home study course with BSY and another one through New Moon, I flew through the courses (no pun intended there) and really got to grips with the whole Wicca 101 thing. 

I learnt how to write spells and collect ingredients etc and I then set up an account on yahoo auctions and sold a lot of little spell kits, jewellery etc and continued in my journey on witchcraft. My mum gave me a personal sized leather filofax book, I ripped out all of the pages (much to my mums horror) but I kept the pink note paper that came with it and the index. This book was to become my very first book of shadows, I used a gold pen and decorated the front of the book, and I put spells in it (most of which are still used to this day).

 Having read a lot about oils whilst studying, it reignited my interest in aromatherapy. In my teens I had become very ill due to Endometriosis followed by a series of infections and ended up very poorly. My mum again (bless her) bought me Aromatherapy For Women, by Maggie Tisserand (which I still have) and without that book I don’t think I would have had any interest in oils at all. I came to rely on Lavender and Clary Sage (also my crystals), to help with pain and sleep problems, even now the smell of Clary Sage will take me right back to my teens. So I had developed quite an interest in oils which over time I had forgotten. I enrolled on an Aromatherapy course which I again flew through and enjoyed every minute of it. I spent hours at my kitchen table reading my books and coming up with essential oil blends to help myself, my friends, my family with all very different needs and health problems. 

I have been fortunate in having other witch friends, when first starting out I had one witch that lived near me and she was amazing in what she taught me, very patient and very knowledgeable too....so to Pip (who owned mystics and magic many years ago) thank you for everything. Also a big thank you to Gwen who ran crystal cavern in Ilkeston, another amazing witch with a wealth of information and the lovely witch who had a great shop in Weymouth (although sadly now closed)....you have all helped me along the way and I am eternally grateful to you all. 

With all of my knowledge to hand I have progressed along the years and helped so many people in so many ways, it really gives me a glow. I will never fully know if I am a hereditary witch, I just know that there was more to my Nanna than she let on. All of my knowledge has come from my own hard work, lots of study and seeking help and advice from fellow witches. I have collected many books along the way and my favourite author by far, is the amazing Ellen Dugan. I urge anyone interested in wicca, witchcraft etc to find Ellen’s books and do as much research as possible.  

In 2011 I took my 1st Reiki attunement and I charge all of my items both magickally and with Reiki as the energy they both produce is nothing short of amazing. I have customers commenting all the time on how powerful the energy is....in a good way :-) Since then I have continue my studies. I am a certified Crystal Healer which I use extensively in my work when helping myself and others, I have gone on to study Herbalism, Reflexology, Colour Therapy and Flower Remedies and Mindfulness.

Over the years I have made a wide range of pagan and wiccan items. Enchanted soaps, Bath Teas, Oil blends and Witches Spell Jars, Witches Charm Bags etc and I enjoyed every part of it. However, 2016 was a big year for me. My life flipped upside down and as such I had to take a step back and see where The Pagan Way was headed. Sales were incredibly high for my Gemstone Bracelets, so much so, that I just couldn’t keep up with the demand for those, plus all the other items we had available. 

In the summer, I decided to close the ‘witchy’ side of the business and concentrate on the ever increasing demand for bracelets. I do still make the Witches Charms, and Jars etc for those that ask, but I felt like I was being ‘shown’ that it was time to change direction.

I enjoy every bit of who I am, and what I do to help others. I was definitely meant for this wonderful path 

 So that is me and my journey, thank you for reading and please do get in touch if you have any questions 

 Blessings Emma xx