The following information is to be acknowledged in line with our Terms and Conditions which can be found here

Information we hold on all visitors to our website:

When you visit our website your data usage and IP address are tracked and collected in the form of cookies. A cookie consent box will appear on the bottom right hand side of our website as soon as you arrive. 

Please note that all of our pages are fully protected by the little green padlock, which means we are SSL Secured. 

Information we hold on customers once a purchase is made

When you place an order with The Pagan Way, the order transaction details become available to us. Our chosen payment gateways are PayPal and Stripe (please check their own websites for their privacy policy details). We receive the following information from both PayPal and Stripe: 

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • phone number (if provided)
  • How much you have paid 

PayPal and Stripe do not provide us with any sensitive financial information such as card or bank details. 

Account holder information:

There is an account area on our website where you can create your own account to make shopping with us faster. Please note, there is no option within your account to store financial information of any kind. 

We cannot access customer accounts under any circumstances. 

What we do with your information:

We use the information you have provided to us to fulfil your order. 

Your order details are kept electronically on our website back office and on our PayPal account. 

Third Parties:

Under no circumstances do we sell or share any of your information with third parties.